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Dummy bookings allows you to book dummy ticket for various purpose.  It can be used for visa process as most of the countries including Schenghen countries requires your return ticket and Hotel booking for processing your tourist visa. We provide dummy bookings/dummy tickets which can be verified. 


Our Main Services

  • Flight Itinerary

Dummy flight Itinerary is basically used for visa application which has a valid PNR. The reservation will be held based on time limit of the airlines. We normally promise 2-3 weeks and the further the dates, the longer the validity will remain. Dummy tickets are widely used for applying visa application for various country.

  • Dummy return for showing airport

This dummy booking is made for people who travel to another country without a return ticket to be showed in the airport. You can use the same as proof of return to be shown in airport

  • Hotel Itinerary

Dummy booking for Hotel is also meant for visa applications . 

  • Past dated Ticket

Dummy booking can also provide past dated ticket which will have a Booking reference number but not verifiable as the date will be already surpassed

  • Flight Itinerary will E-ticket number

Dummy booking will provide you will original ticket with E-ticket number as in some country its very important to have ticket number as they will verify whether the booking is fake or original. Tickets will be cancelled upon your arrival in destination.

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