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Dummy Tickets/bookings

Dummy Tickets or Dummy Booking for visa application basically a ticketing reservation platform which helps you provide flight itinerary, flight reservation and Hotel Booking. We help you provide reservation for Flights and Hotel  booking for your visa appointment.

 The ticket provided will have a PNR/ Booking reference number which can be verified by most of the airline websites.  This can be verified by checking in Manage my Booking  tool or My trips section which is available on most of the airline website. 

What do we provide ?


Dummy booking/ Dummy tickets is used for applying Visas. Most of the visa appointment requires return ticket and Hotel booking , we will provide you the ticket to present for your visa appointment. 

Dummy tickets or bookings are also used as proof for return ticket which can be shown at the airport during the time of departure. Mostly if your travelling to Middle East on a tourist visa it is mandatory to hold a return ticket and we can provide you a confirmed return ticket which will be cancelled once you reach the destination.

Why do we use Dummy booking?

 Are you planning to travel to any country which requires visa application and appointment. Some countries require certain conditions for their visa application. The main requirement will be ticket reservation and hotel. We dummy booking will provide you with both this requirement insstead of paying for full tickets we provide you reservation which will be held for 2-3 weeks and this will be enough for the submittion. 


Pricing for Dummy booking

  • Airline Itinerary
  • $15/ Person
  • -Perfect for visa application
  • -Valid for 2-3 weeks
  • -Upto 4 changes allowed
  • -Unlimted Flight selection
  • -24/7 Support
  • USD 15 | INR 1100 | AED 50
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  • Hotel & Airline Itinerary
  • $30 / Person
  • -Perfect for Visa Application
  • -Validity will be 2-3 weeks
  • -Upto 30 days Accomodation
  • -Upto 4 correction
  • -24/7 support
  • USD 30 | INR 2000 | AED 108
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  • Dummy Return (Airport)
  • $ 15/ Person
  • -Return to show in Airport
  • -Verifiable Booking
  • -Used for showing as return proof in airport
  • -Mostly used while traveling in Tourist visa
  • -24/7 support
  • USD 15 | INR 1100 | AED 55 | EUR 14 | GBP 12.50
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Our Major Services

  • Dummy Return Tickets/ Dummy tickets

Dummy return tickets are mostly used for visa applications for most of the country. We provide return tickets which can be used to present in most visa applications. You need not spend on buying tickets before getting your visa approved. We are here to provide you a ticket itinerary which will help you get your visa.Dummy tickets are widely used for applying Schenghen visa or any country visa application.

  • Dummy Hotel Bookings

Dummy Hotel booking is also used for visa application process. Most of the country will require Return tickets and Hotel booking when you submit for visa. We are here to help you create you Hotel itinerary which will be valid upto 4 weeks.

  • Past dated Airline tickets

Dummy ticket for past dated tickets will have the date and PNR. The tickets will not be verifiable as past dated tickets cannot be verified.

  • Ticket with E-ticket number

These ticket will be will real ticket with confirmed PNR and it will be cancelled once you have reached your destination. Mostly used for showing in airport where they are strict in checking the  the flight itinerary.  The ticket will be delivered on the day of travel.

  • Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will be provided by us will be original. We do not provide dummy insurance. We can give you qoute as per your request. It depends on the sector and days you are planning to reside in the country. Please get in touch with us for further details. 

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