The use of a dummy ticket for visa applications can offer some benefits to the applicant:

  1. Cost-saving: Booking a real airline ticket can be expensive, especially if the applicant is not sure of their travel plans. Using a dummy ticket allows the applicant to provide proof of onward travel without actually having to pay for a real ticket.

  2. Flexibility: A dummy ticket can be easily modified or canceled, giving the applicant more flexibility in their travel plans. This is particularly useful if the applicant is unsure of their travel dates or if their plans may change.

  3. Time-saving: A dummy ticket can be generated quickly and easily online, saving the applicant time in booking a real ticket or waiting for confirmation from an airline.

  4. Peace of mind: Having a dummy ticket can give the applicant peace of mind when applying for a visa, as it provides proof of onward travel and may increase the likelihood of the visa application being approved.

It’s important to note, however, that the use of a dummy ticket may not be acceptable in all cases or for all countries. It’s always best to research the requirements of the country being visited and to consult with a reputable travel agency or immigration lawyer for guidance on the best approach for providing proof of onward travel.

Will VFS ask for original tickets

VFS (Visa Facilitation Services) is an organization that provides visa application processing services on behalf of various governments. Whether or not VFS will ask for the original ticket may depend on the specific requirements of the country for which you are applying for a visa.

In general, VFS may ask for proof of onward travel, such as a flight reservation or itinerary. However, whether or not they require the original ticket may vary depending on the country’s regulations and the specific circumstances of the visa application.

It’s always best to check the visa requirements of the country you are applying to visit and to carefully review the instructions provided by VFS or the embassy/consulate handling the visa application. If you are unsure about whether or not to provide the original ticket, you can contact VFS or the embassy/consulate directly to ask for clarification.

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