Dummy hotel bookings and return Flight for Indians

Dummy tickets, also known as fake flight reservations or return tickets. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Proof of Onward Travel: Some countries, especially when issuing tourist visas, require proof that you have a return flight or onward travel booked. This helps ensure you’re a genuine visitor and not planning to overstay your visa. A dummy ticket can be a way to fulfill this requirement.

  • Meeting Visa Application Requirements: Certain visa applications might ask for proof of travel plans, including a return flight. A dummy ticket can be a way to satisfy this initial requirement and potentially improve your application’s chances.

  • Avoiding High Booking Costs: Sometimes, booking a real return flight just for visa purposes can be expensive. A dummy ticket might seem like a cheaper alternative.

New update- From 15/05/2024, We have got an information that they are asking for hotel booking and return tickets for travelers from India. Dummy booking will help you provide both dummy tickets and hotel booking to show at airport. This will be valid to show at airport along with your check in flight details. 

Dummy bookings provides both the service at affordable price.

Dummy ticket for airport- INR 900, AED 50

Dummy hotel Booking- INR 1100, AED 65

Dummy ticket and hotel booking- INR 1900, AED 110

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